How it works

At Devents, we view the Event as a crucial element of the business development tool kit. Whether it is an exclusive occasion for a select few or a much larger open event, we will make sure that the right people are there and the right messages reach them through this event. Crucially our service does not end when the clients leave. We can, if requested, maintain follow up communication with attendees long after the event, to ensure that any possible new client leads will be picked up in their early stages and passed on to you, our client.

How we do it & the services we offer

Develop Business to Business relationships

  • Gain an appreciation of your business model and culture
  • Understand your key objectives
  • Propose to you the type of event you should hold in order to meet these objectives and achieve maximum measurable benefits of the event
  • Assistance in building/enhancing a database of direct and indirect clients to increase one off and potentially repeat revenue
  • Raise general awareness of your brand to build business loyalty
  • Event Management; organisation of the event to ensure differentiation and success
  • Training of staff and/or management team on how to engage with guests and how to communicate key messages
  • Point of contact for external media filtering out excessive demands on in-house management

Event Hosting

  • Providing networking assistance
  • Ensuring positive interaction between clients and staff
  • Facilitate smooth running of the event, acting as MC as required
  • Attention to every detail of each event component

Post Event

  • Provide a neutral point of contact for objective/negative feedback and any clarification
  • Follow up with clients on agreed action points
  • Client referral
  • Develop any potential ideas that have been identified in order to meet further business objectives and evaluate measurable returns